Simbisai Mavunge: Redefining fashion with African print

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Simbisai Mavunge: Redefining fashion with African print Simbisai Mavunge

The Sunday News

Sandisiwe Gumbo, Sunday Life Reporter 

BULAWAYO born fashion entrepreneur Simbisai Mavunge is stirring things up in the fashion industry with her brand Tsito_Tribe, which aims to revolutionise the industry. 

The 30-year-old, who endured bullying for her dark skin has turned her experiences into a powerful message of self-acceptance and inclusivity through her fashion line.

“I’m on a mission to change the fashion industry from the inside out. I was bullied for my dark skin and nicknamed ‘Tsito,’ but I’ve reclaimed that name and made it my brand’s trademark, Tsito_Tribe. With Tsito_Tribe, I’m not just selling clothing, I’m selling a message of self-acceptance and inclusivity. I believe that fashion has the power to promote positive change and that every person deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin,” she said.

Mavunge’s journey into fashion began with her fascination for African print clothing, which she found to be a celebration of traditional African art and culture while promoting body positivity. 

“I first became interested in African print clothing because of its bold colours and unique patterns. As someone with an appreciation for traditional African culture and art, I found the fusion of these elements with modern fashion to be truly interesting. I believe that African print clothing has the potential to make a real impact in the fashion world and I’m passionate about helping to spread its beauty and significance to a wider audience,” she said.

“My journey into fashion and styling began with my fascination with African print clothing. The vibrant colours, bold patterns and body-positive ethos of this traditional African art form drew me in and I quickly developed a passion for sharing its beauty with others. From there, my interest in fashion and styling expanded into a wider exploration of all the ways that fashion can empower individuals and promote positive change in the world.”

 Mavunge has been a vocal advocate for diversity and representation in the fashion industry. 

“As a dark melanin individual, I’ve experienced first-hand, the lack of representation in the fashion industry. This has influenced my approach to fashion design and styling ,by inspiring me to create clothing and styling that celebrates dark skin tones and promotes diversity,” she said. 

“My passion for African print clothing has led me to create a line of clothing that celebrates traditional African art and culture while also promoting body positivity. I’ve also worked with models and photographers to create stunning visual campaigns that showcase the beauty and diversity of African print clothing. I also admire the way that African print clothing embraces body positivity and celebrates diverse body types.”

Her work focuses on empowering young women, promoting positive body image and self-love  and challenging traditional beauty standards.

“I integrate my advocacy for human rights into my work in the fashion industry by focusing on empowering young women. I strive to promote positive body image and self-love among young girls and women. I also speak at workshops and seminars about the importance of self-acceptance and self-expression through fashion. In this way, I hope to challenge traditional beauty standards and create a more inclusive and accepting fashion industry,” said Mavunge.

Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, as she has been recognized with the Best Craftwork award and as an Ecosystem Builder last year.

Mavunge’s dedication and impact have led to her nomination for the “Best Upcoming Fashion Brand” award at the Youth Network Connect Awards that was expected to be held yesterday. 

“As a recipient of both the Best Craftwork Award and recognition as an Ecosystem Builder, I am deeply humbled by the impact that Tsito_Tribe has had in the fashion industry. These accolades, received in November and December 2023  respectively, have strengthened me, to continue using my platform to promote inclusivity, self-love, and cultural pride.”


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