BULAWAYO’S SODOM AND GOMORRAH?. . Swingers hook up online through a strict adult site

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Feb 26, 2017 | 5700 views


Peter Matika, Senior Life Reporter
A SECRET alleged swingers circle/club has just been discovered in Bulawayo. The circle, which is only accessible to the elite, is alleged to be run by a prudently organised group of people, where meetings and parties are held in Bulawayo’s affluent suburbs of Burnside and Hillside.

To be initiated into the club one has to undergo a rigorous interview both physically and on the internet, sources claimed. There is an adult website, where those wishing to join are screened and are requested to pay a joining fee using either through EcoCash or bank transfer.

Also a strict rule that says “Be prepared to have sex with people you might know and never question or talk about the club to outsiders is to be adhered to.”

A member of the group who spoke to Sunday Life said the swingers’ circle has been in existence for almost a year and was mostly patronised by middle-aged women.

“The club hosts up to about 30 to 40 guests a night. Couples and singles come to the themed parties dressed in accordance with the occasion, where they can indulge in sexual orgies, among other activities,” said a member of the circle who requested anonymity.

The member explained how the group had a strict set of rules, which if one does not adhere to they can be removed from the group.

“It started off as a group of friends playing games. We used to get together, as likeminded people the circle was created,” he said.

“The numbers coming to our parties have always been good — we can have up to 50 people (25 couples) but this has increased to anywhere between to 35 to 40 couples.

He said the venue of the circle often changed, as members don’t want the group to be found out.

“A typical party lasts for about a night. Parties vary sometimes, it’s a themed party for men and the fairer sex and sometimes it’s for couples. Activities depend on what members are interested in, some couples prefer to be with each other, while other couples mingle.

“You really have to be open minded to be a member,” he said.

The member said some couples attend just to watch their partners have sex, or to learn a few moves. The member said there was a strict set of rules, which are:

1. All members should dress casually and smart.
2. The use of cellphones is prohibited.
3. Respect other members and property.
4. No smoking in the house.
5. No chewing gum allowed.
6. No sex allowed in undesignated rooms.
7. No noise.
8. Respect other people’s fantasies.
9. Ask to join and don’t impose on other people’s sexual activities.
10. Always wear protection, there are diseases out there.
11. Keep the circle a secret.


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  • Enzo Shumba

    Police go after them

    • vusumuzi

      Them or Mgabe , whos arrest could Free you and Me , theirs or Mgabe’s ??? USD15 Billion or these people. DULLL DULL DULL !!!!!! Selectively dull you are

    • God of War

      For what reason you fool. These are consenting adults doing this in private. Go back to school zanka.