Lady Tshawe impresses in South Africa

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Nov 5, 2017 | 730 views
Lady Tshawe

Lady Tshawe

Kudzai Mpangi, Sunday Life Reporter
MULTI-TALENTED young poet, actress and singer, Lady Tshawe set an amazing precedence at the Kwaguqa International Arts Festival in South Africa last week where she left the audience asking for more.

Kwaguqa International Arts Festival, a brainchild of Bafana Dladla is a three-day event held annually to promote the Arts in Mpumalanga province.

Lady Tshawe, who was the main poet act at the festival, being the only Zimbabwean representative, managed to impress the audience.

“To my surprise the audience’s response was overwhelming especially being the only Zimbabwean there people were looking forward to what this Zimbabwean has in store for us and I managed to pull it off.

“People enjoyed and embraced my piece of work. I did a set of my poem The story of Ex’s a piece where this guy is asking me out and considering the history of my exes I am afraid to commit. So I called one of the guys in the audience and performed with him and people were happy about the act and it gave me enthusiasm to do a good performance,” she said.

Speaking to Sunday Life Bafana Dladla festival director of Kwaguqa International Arts Festival said he has worked with Lady Tshawe in many projects.

“I invited Lady Tshawe in particular because she’s a very talented young lady who knows how to express herself and knows the vision of this event that we have hosted in Mpumalanga.

“What I can say is that Lady Tshawe was great, her performance was one of the best acts that were done at the festival. She also managed to tackle everything, love, faith and things that are happening in general,” he said.

She also managed to sell some of her art work and her book titled Inscriptions of an inspired soul. -@kayskudzai

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