Lupane board gets $3m for water reticulation plant

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Nov 5, 2017 | 882 views

water reticulation plant

Limpret Moyo, Sunday News Reporter
THE Lupane Local Board has received $3 million from the World Bank to install a water reticulation system that will see the residents accessing clean and safe water.

The board chairperson, Mrs Monica Ngwenya, said some newly developed areas in Lupane have been facing water shortages.

“We have received $3 million from the World Bank and our aim is to provide safe water in the community. New stands in the area had been facing water challenges since they had not been serviced yet. People were drawing water from the two boreholes which were not enough for the community,” she said.

Mrs Ngwenya said they were drawing water from Bubi-Lupane Dam and the board was in the process of laying water pipes, so that all the stands have access to water from the dams to the reservoirs.

“So far we have three reservoirs and they are not yet complete. This money will help complete these reservoirs and people will be able to access clean water pumped from the dams to the reservoirs,” she said.

Mrs Ngwenya said the project is expected to be completed in 18 months. She said the World Bank proposed a Biofil Digeastic System, an innovative on-site waste water treatment option that offers integrated treatment of sewage in a manner that poses minimal risk to the environment and public health.

“The setting up of a sewer system in the town is at consultation stage and we are waiting for the matter to be finalised, so that we will start putting sewer systems in the area. Currently, some of the community members have flushing toilets with a specific tank that will need re-emptying as time goes on. This project will be of great help to the community because there are some houses with no toilets, especially in the new stands. Some people are using the bush and they are risking contracting diseases,” said Mrs Ngwenya.

Last year, the Lupane Local Board developed a master plan to serve as a guide to develop the town amid revelations that the proposed new urban set up will accommodate about 50 000 residents.


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