The Dancing Mountains: A celebration of matriarchal Africa and cultural identity

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The Dancing Mountains: A celebration of matriarchal Africa and cultural identity

The Sunday News

Sandisiwe Gumbo, Sunday Life Reporter

IN the literary world, a new and fascinating narrative has emerged, transporting readers to a pre-colonial Africa where kingdoms, villages, and a harmonious relationship with natural elements prevailed, in the new book “The Dancing Mountains”.

Written by Simie Nkala, a writer with roots in Bulawayo and now based in the UK, the novel offers a compelling portrayal of an era before the establishment of modern nation-states. This evocative work delves into the UMzingwane kingdom, where women held positions of power as queens and seers of the land. It paints a vivid picture of a time when matriarchal Africa flourished in harmony with its feminine essence.

The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a society where individuals were not divided by religion and beliefs, but were united by their cultural heritage. The story is steeped in the traditions of crowning princes and kings, with a profound emphasis on ancestry and the guidance provided by the spirits of the land.

Through its rich storytelling, “The Dancing Mountains” immerses in an exploration of identity, culture, and roots, shedding light on the deep connections that bind individuals to their heritage. At the heart of this literary masterpiece is an enchanting mystery surrounding the so-called Dancing Mountains – a range that is said to have exhibited an otherworldly phenomenon of movement. This enigmatic aspect sparks contemplation about whether such a phenomenon was imagined or indeed witnessed within the UMzingwane Kingdom, adding an element of intrigue to the narrative.

The Dancing Mountains was published in October 2023. The book is now available and you can get your copies from online book shops, Amazon and from distributors from all around the world.

“The Dancing Mountains is an extremely powerful and yet atypical depiction of a King’s selection and coronation processes in the ultimate ethnocentric context. Dancing Mountains takes the reader through an unexpected mystical, mysterious and yet thrilling journey, of the lives of a humble, ordinary tribe’s people steeped in their ancient Kingdom values and lifestyle. A proud people well bent on preserving their cultural norms while serving as gatekeepers against invasions and foreign adulteration of their culture,” said Dr Nomvuyo Mahlangu, Doctorate of Philosophy Health Science Research, in giving an overview of the book.

By delving into the relationships between people and natural elements such as water, sun, earth, and fire, “The Dancing Mountains” offers readers a glimpse into an era characterised by profound interconnectedness.

Nkala is also the write of the novel, Dear Black Child released in 2021.

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