2015: year of new beginnings in fashion

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FASHION is a universal language, understood by all people across the globe. We use clothing as visual aid to express ourselves, to raise awareness, provoke action, and sometimes to condemn or support a cause. It is with this intention to convey a message that fashion, socialism and politics collide — art imitating real life.

In 2015 I think fashion will give us a slight preview into what to expect soon.

With various fashion shows and weeks being lined up for the year, showing off clothes way before they actually land in stores, predicting the future is less about performing feats of divination than just paying attention.

The runways are always a great source of inspiration to source ideas for new fashion trends.

This year should be the year the men make a statement in the fashion industry seeing how the stylish guys have become over the past couple of years.

With fashion taking a slight detour from the women’s side, focusing more on men, 2015’s fashion scene promises to be one of the most intriguing years of the fashion history.

Through the aid of various blogs and fashion magazines I was able to compile just a few trends to look out for this 2015 — paying particular interest to men.

Black and white fashion trend

There’s nothing new about a black and white combo, but there is a reason, it’s a classic go-to.

Both colours are accessible, create a great contrast and highlight smart design. 2014 summer collections revealed that a black and white combination can be both subtle and bold. These are must-have colours in any man’s wardrobe and I am sure that this is not a problem for any Highlanders fans.

Sporty urbanite fashion trend

Urban has become one of fashion’s favourite adjectives over the last couple of seasons. Describing a growing area of the menswear market, urban styles take inspiration from the popularity of street wear, aiming to achieve a high-end take on sporty, youthful styles that blend the sophistication of the luxury market with the casual attitude of the street.

Leisurely fashion trends

Most designers know that men exist outside the tailored suit world and demand comfort and style.

Pushing style forward, designers did not and will not disappoint, marrying relaxed fits with varying proportions and versatile pieces that lend themselves on occasions to season-less dressing. This is where the slip on swank comfort t-shirts and shorts come in.

Uniformed fashion trend

Best popularised by the likes of Jah Prayzah and Sulu this trend will surely make a comeback and will see many exciting new designs making their way into many people’s wardrobes.

Relaxation is definitely on the mind for this year’s forecast and for many designers and that means sending their stylish men out to “sea”.

Dead on for the trend, European designer — Michael Kors has already embraced navy nautical stripes and furnished raw denim jeans with a straight cut.

The jeans are a standout that fit right in with the season’s denim trend.


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