Africa Day Drags

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Africa Day Drags

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Lovert Mafukure

THE difference between men and boys isn’t in the way they dress, nor is it in the way they talk nor how many girls they can charm but it has much to do with how they lay the rubber down on the tarmac and how fast they can make it across the quarter mile line!

This month, on the 25th of May straight fours, straight sixes, V6s and V8s will battle it out across that line with one goal in mind . . . To differentiate between men and boys! It’s the Africa Day Drags 2019.

We have known gurus coming down to race on the 25th. Terry Allberry still holds the record as fastest Bulawayo dragster but unfortunately he won’t be participating this time. Boon white is going to show up and shine in his Godzilla R32 GTR skyline, Phillip Minnar in his Gusheshe E30 that’s sure to turn some heads, he will have the R34 skyline saloon as well. Gadzirayi also representing the Mitsubishi fans in his naturally aspirated Mitsubishi lancer. The ladies are not to be outdone of course with lady racers like Falan Sinclair coming to represent with her R34 Skyline Saloon. 

John Peterson is definitely going to pull up some serious competition with his Chevy Lumina 6.0l V8 Ute, with his slicks he’s going to be a hard competitor for most. Byron Norman will be behind the wheel in his boosted Mitsubishi Evo 4, Ndex in the famous blue turbo Golf 1. Last but not least Zane Shar will be competing as well in his red colour world Toyota Conquest. 

Gates open at 10am and it’s only 6Rtgs and as usual kids under 12 are free to see some action. Full bar and catering on site with a DJ rolling out your favourite tunes all day. It’s not going to be racing as usual as racers are going to be starting from the previous finish line going up the track. The idea behind the change is to have all members in comfortable space within the Pits area and have better view of the action. 

For those that may not know, drag racing is a type of motorsport that involves two cars or bikes competing to be the first to cross the finish line over a short set distance. It’s more like how petrol-heads meet by the traffic lights and rev up their engines to signal the intention to size each other up to the next light, whoever gets there first wins. On public roads it’s dangerous because it exposes pedestrians and other motorists to some unnecessary dangers.

This event is completely free and competitors only need to pay for medical insurance, which is only Rtgs $15,00. Should the club manage to get sponsorship for the insurance then the event will be completely free. There are a few rules that all competitors will need to adhere to because above all, safety is the club’s biggest concern.

Drivers of closed cars are required to wear helmets, closed shoes, and safety belts if the vehicle is equipped with some. Those with no access to helmets can come and borrow from the club. Drivers of open cars on the other hand are required to wear helmets, long sleeves, long trousers, gloves, closed shoes and safety belts if the vehicle is equipped with some.

All competitors will maintain safety standards so that the club can also maintain its safety records. Riders of motorcycles must wear helmets, gloves, full-length trousers, long-sleeved jackets and closed shoes minimum boots preferred. Leather is preferred for riders because it offers better protection. 

Apart from ability and passion, all drivers must be at least 16 years of age and in possession of a valid driver’s license. Riders under 16 years of age must be in possession of a valid Motorsport Zimbabwe (MSZ) competition licence. Any other rider must be in possession of a valid driver’s licence. There shall not be any drinking of alcohol allowed for racers until all racing is done so come sober or no racing at all. 

The whole idea of having such a public drag event is to promote motor racing in a safe and controlled environment.

We do have a lot of illegal street racing and we are saying simply, race in the tracks and not on the streets. 

We have seen enough road carnage and loss of life. 

We have the types that race across city streets revving up their engines at every traffic light, we have the elements that itch every time they see their rivals on calm and quiet city streets, the message to them is simple . . . 

Are you a boy or a man? Come out and play, lay your rubber down, play hard across the quarter mile in a safe and controlled environment. Come and race in the track and not on the streets. Save the date, May 25 from 10am, see you there!

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