Beauty of negative space at home

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Beauty of negative space at home

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Empty space

Amanda Ncube
I HAVE noticed that most homeowners have their furniture closely knitted together. This is so because they are avoiding having an empty space.

According to most homeowners having an unoccupied space makes a home feel incomplete.

However, an empty space can be a design on its own when correctly selected.

Each and every room in a home deserves to have an unoccupied space which is also referred to as a “negative space”. A negative space is a space that surrounds an object, in the process bringing balance to a composition.

Negative space could also be considered as” blank spots” in your home where there is no design, no art and no furniture. This means it can be a vacant space, be it on the wall or on the floor.

It can have a huge impact as it makes people pay attention to it even if there is nothing to look at. When it is expertly done it brings calmness as well as balance in the room, some people believe that it brings a certain relief. That does not mean that you randomly pick any spot.

Here are some perfect spaces that you can select to revamp your home.

Make sure that there is a space between your furniture and the wall . . . do not let the furniture hug the walls especially in your sitting room. Do not arrange the chairs, couch and tables all around the room unless you have no choice. Make sure that there is a space in between (not too big or too small).

Another way to do it is to make groupings of furniture for conversations purposes and also pull pieces into the centre of the room for a warmer feeling of comfort.

You can also have a unique blank spot in your bedroom . . . the space can be in between the wardrobe and the bed. It doesn’t matter even if this space is very big, that way the room will have a fresh atmosphere.

You can also have a negative space in between your sofas. The space will grab people’s attention whenever they come into the room. By so doing it will bring calm and relaxed atmosphere in the room.

The colours you use for your walls determine a perfect negative space. Neutral colours such as grey, cream and beige usually create a sophisticated, calm and comfortable negative space.

You can either have one huge painting or artwork on one side of the wall and have a huge vacant space, or have negative spaces in between small pieces of artwork. By so doing you will be creating a unique yet sophisticated space in your home.

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