Bishop Sinjoki pens books

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Bishop Sinjoki pens books Dr Trust Sinjoki

The Sunday News

Rumbidzai Mhlanga, Sunday Life Reporter

FROM humble beginnings, Dr Trust Sinjoki warmly known as Dr Sinj never imagined himself making significant contributions to humanity.

He has, however, been defying the odds and growing his CV as an author with his latest project — his 9th book titled 101 Thinking Caps.

As someone who had both good and bad experiences in life Dr Sinjoki felt he could give back to the people by giving uplifting and strengthening advice to those in need as it was done to him.

The author said the reason why he wrote his was to challenge people to deeply think through everything they do in life.

“I discovered that people do not give themselves time to think things through, people’s thinking is clouded by what they believe in and what they saw other people do hence they do not produce new fruits in life. I have my targeted audience, three characters of people in life; that is traditionalists who are so much absorbed by superstitions, people in religious circles who are so hung up on prophecies and the holy spirit and the youth who are obsessed with social media they are not given a chance to think, they just replicate all they see.

“These people do not really live their lives but someone else dictates how they should live. That is they do not think on their own but prophets, traditional healers and the media does the thinking for them hence my plea in my book I’m challenging the public to stop for a moment and think about their lives, what they are doing and even plan for their future,” Dr Sinjoki said.

The author said his book is more of a proverbs book where he encourages people facing different situations in life.

“I see myself as an exporter. All I want is to uplift and promote people’s lives, whether through a book or in direct speaking. I believe my biggest calling is being a father hence I love giving advice to my sons and daughters. Looking at my life there were a lot of milestones and a lot of people helped and encouraged me, they picked me up and helped create the person I am today, so when writing my books I am simply giving back to the community hence I write my books from a grateful stand point.

“I write out of motivation. I seek to solve a problem. As a counsellor I realised a lot of people have problems but some might not be brave enough to seek help hence since I cannot communicate with everyone face to face I reckoned I can reach as many through a book, that is what drives me. I am concerned about pushing a message throughout the world,” he said.

Dr Sinjoki says he has been working his whole life to come up with his latest offering.

“I have been working on this book for a long time, as I have been travelling and coming across a lot in life, I have been getting ideas and gathering wisdom about life in general. I started compiling this book in 2018, it is more of proverbs about life. All I am saying in the book I titled, 101 Thinking Caps simply talks about countless situations and experiences we come across, even if only people would just stop and think, many issues will not happen such as the Vuzu parties, early pregnancies, premature deaths and all the absurd things that are happening in our community,” he said.

The author says he is grateful for all that he has achieved and has more planned for the future.

“So far, I have written nine books namely in Moments Like These, God Ideas, Seven Pictures of Freshness, Seven Trees In Your Wilderness, When Satan Interviews You, Faith Says, The Sweetest, Hidden Treasure and the recent one is 101 Thinking Caps. In all my books I challenge and encourage people to think. I am currently working on a movie which will be out in due time,” said Dr Sinjoki.

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