‘Bosso is not your personal property’

26 May, 2019 - 00:05 0 Views
‘Bosso is not your personal property’ (Rtd)Col Tshinga Dube

The Sunday News

Dumisani Nsingo, Senior Reporter
AS Highlanders’ woes both on the field of play and administratively seem to be far from over, long-time benefactor Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube has said the executive should be reminded that the club isn’t their personal business, but belongs to the people.

Dube noted that the poor results that have been posted by Bosso, which has seen the Bulawayo giants going for eight matches without a win, have opened fissures within its ranks.

“I have something to say against the executives. Sometimes they feel that by being in the executives of the Club then the club is theirs, which is not the case as it belongs to the people. Now they have to go back to the people and tell them we have a problem and explain the problem.

However, what I have realised is that they start by quarrelling among themselves though this happens in any society, be it a club or church or any organisation because if things are not properly done people will start quarrelling. They start witch-hunting and it is not necessary in soccer,” he said.

Dube however, said the team’s play was in contrast to the results it has been grinding.

“The problems which are besieging or facing Highlanders this season have left the team shivering because they are in the relegation zone. I have been going to watch their matches and I get very impressed by the way they play. You find that they play superb soccer but the only problem is that they don’t score, which is the most important thing in competitive soccer,” he said.

Bosso have found the net twice despite its fearsome young strike force of Prince “Mgadafi” Dube, Bukhosi “Zakhu” Sibanda, Peter Nyirenda, Tinashe Makanda, Godfrey Makaruse, Cleopas Kapupurika and Ray Lunga.

Dube said there was a need for Bosso to start sourcing funds so as to bolster their squad by signing a lethal striker.

“From my observation, the team is absolutely okay but what we lack most is a deadly striker. If only we can get a striker, all these problems will be over. I know that they could be administration problems but they can’t be paramount because administrators don’t play football. The people who play are players and the fact that they play so well means that they are committed but because of some limitations they are failing to win because they need a very good striker,” he said.

Dube said the Bosso executive should start putting in place various initiative to source cash to sign a lethal striker during the second transfer window.

“All those who can assist should come forward and see to it that we put up some bit of money and help the team to get a striker, since there will be an open transfer window during the mid-season break. By that time I assume we still won’t be halfway on the log standings but if we can get it right in the second half of the season then all these problems we are facing will be gone,” he said.— @DNsingo

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