Bushiri’s R5,5m Centurion property forfeited to the state

19 Nov, 2020 - 11:11 0 Views
Bushiri’s R5,5m Centurion property forfeited to the state Shepherd and Mary Bushiri

The Sunday News

JOHANNESBURG – A Centurion property, valued at R5.5-million and owned by fugitives Mary and Shepherd Bushiri, has been forfeited to the state after the pair violated their bail conditions by leaving South Africa.

Magistrate Thandi Theledi asked for the Bushiri’s to be called three times at their hearing on Thursday. This was down to record in court that the Bushiri’s were not present. The couple’s legal team in South Africa said they were not informed of their movements and only know what they have seen in the media. The magistrate ruled that the Bushiri’s have forfeited their property which was tied to their bail to the state.

Prophet Bushiri and his wife, were expected to apply for bail in Malawi on Wednesday, after handing themselves over to Malawian authorities. The couple face charges of fraud and money-laundering.

– eNCA

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