Club Hashtag offering a different lifestyle

09 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
Club Hashtag offering a different lifestyle

The Sunday News

Rumbidzai Mhlanga, Sunday Life Reporter

LIKE most metropolitan cities, Bulawayo prides itself with being a place with a vibrant night life.

A simple walk around the city at night will tell one that this is a city that comes alive after dusk. 

However, in the abundance of nightspots, one can sometimes feel that a lot of the places are the same. The musical tastes of the DJs seem to be similar and sometimes even the décor at the clubs can look the same to the discerning eye. 

It is in this scenario that Club Hashtag enters the scene. The new joint claims to be the club which caters for a new clientele. The club manager, Alan Khumalo, said the club which opened recently was different from other leisure spots the reason being the different services that the club offer and the crowd it attracts. 

“We are doing what is called heavy screening because we don’t want the young and rowdy crowd in the club, hence we attract a different crowd. We want mature and civilised people,” said Khumalo.

The club manager went on to explain how they have been able to attract crowd they want. 

“We have a data base where we are able to connect and communicate with our customers and give them updates on the running of the club, thus in that way we get a feedback from them where they make suggestions so at the end of the day we give them what they want. I am not saying we meet everyone’s demands but we try. We do have the young crowd coming in but they feel it is not a place to be because of the different kind of music and a different vibe altogether,” he said.

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