Cooking tripe wrapped in casings

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Cooking tripe wrapped in casings

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Carl’s Beef with Bulawayo

Preparation time (15 min) Cook time (2 hours) Total time  (3 hours)

Ingredients: 3kg Goat Tripe (cleaned), 1kg Small Intestines (cleaned), Beef Stock Cubes, 2 Peppers, 2 Onions, 3 Tomatoes, 2 Spring Onions, 2 tablespoons Usavi Mix, Cooking Oil, Salt

Beef Stock Cubes

Instructions: Cut the intestines (casings) into 8cm wide by 10 cm long pieces.

Tie tripe with intestines and set aside.

In a hot pan with oil begin to fry the onions once translucent add the peppers spring onions making sure to mix well until they are soft.

Add your tied tripe and stock cubes and mix well with the onion and pepper mix. Cover with water and boil on high heat for an hour topping up water every 30 minutes.

In a cup put two tablespoons of Royco Usavi mix and make a paste with some water and add to your mixture.

Mix well and continue to simmer for an hour without the lid.

(Source; Chikafu recipes by Carl Joshua Ncube)

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