‘Don’t hide abuse’

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‘Don’t hide abuse’ Kadder

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Bhekumuzi Ncube, Sunday Life Reporter
SIXTEEN Days of Activism against gender-based violence commenced across the globe last week in an attempt to galvanise and electrify action to end violence against women across the globe.

Prominent female artistes have since joined millions of women in the campaign against gender-based prejudices and among them is the sensational Bulawayo Kwaito star, Proficience Kadder.

Popularly known as Kadder in arts circles, the Kwaito queen has criticised patriarchal tendencies and gender stereotypes, which have often left women in great despair and disillusionment in a society.

“The modern society has often valued and taken into consideration men’s views only. Its high time that women’s views are taken seriously. Women need to be respected. They have brains similar to that of men; they have innovative plans that can make the world change for the better. It’s very shocking that there are still men out there who still view women as objects and housewife material. The world needs to know that women are not vulnerable people that men can abuse whenever they feel like. Men need to treat women like queens for them to be treated like kings also,” she said.

Kadder who saw her single Dlala Bek’bone featuring Khoi Khoi stay on the ZiFM Top 10 for 19 weeks said the majority of women are physical and sexually abused by men who still believe they are superior to women.

“Millions of women across the globe are suspected to be violated by men and in most cases, those crimes are not reported as women might be threatened by their abusers. I urge every woman to stand up against abusive social constraints and seek help whenever they feel like their rights are being abused. Staying quiet will not solve their problems but it will increase the dangers of them being continuously abused,” she said.

The former Amakorokoza actress has since taken her Facebook page as a weapon to expose women’s meagre successes and losses in a society overshadowed by biased gender beliefs.

She said her online campaign seeks to spread awareness against gender-based mistreatments.

“The main objective of the campaign is to empower violated women so that they can rebuild their lives. I want to enlighten society on the effects of abuse and not speaking out. I look foward to a society which encourages abused women and children to seek justice and closure instead of protecting perpetrators especially in remote and rural areas. Each day I will upload a poster on my online accounts in a quest to create awareness against gender-based violence,” she said.


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