Elikem snubs Pokello

20 May, 2018 - 00:05 0 Views
Elikem snubs Pokello Elikem and Pokello with their son

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Elikem and Pokello

Elikem and Pokello

Bruce Ndlovu
While speculation continues about the supposed break down of their marriage, Ghanian Elikem gave another indication that all is not well in his celebrated marriage with Pokello after stirring the hornet’s nest with a Mother’s Day picture which many took as jab towards the mother of his child.

The latest “attack” at the woman he paid $25 000 lobola for in 2015 came on Instagram where the two once used to showcase their love but have since stopped following each other amid rumours that their relationship had broken down.

The caption “Congratulations to all fathers that made mother’s day possible,” was accompanied by a picture of four smiling men cradling toddlers in their arms.

Fans felt that it was unnecessary provocation by Elikem, who should have been celebrating the mother of his only child instead.

Things have not been well in the world of Polikem, as the two former Big Brother contestants are known to their fans.

After the pomp that accompanied their marriage and the subsequent birth of their child, rumours that they had split had been rife, with both seemingly intent to leave their separate lives in Ghana and Zimbabwe.

The rumours reached fever pitch in February after yet another provocative post by the Ghanian on Instagram. Elikem posted a short video of an engagement ring with a big rock on with the caption: “I’m definitely not making a mistake on the next one. The right one.” This implied that his marriage to the Zimbabwean beauty had been a wrong turn for him.

According to social media investigators at least, Pokello herself seems to have moved on from a relationship that started within the walls of the Big Brother house.

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