Gigi Lamayne speaks on hijack, near-rape ordeal

06 Jun, 2021 - 00:06 0 Views
Gigi Lamayne speaks on hijack, near-rape ordeal Gigi Lamayne

The Sunday News

Bruce Ndlovu, Sunday Life Reporter
HIP-HOP sensation Gigi Lamayne, was recently left reeling from shock after a gang of robbers, who set upon her team in Johannesburg, South Africa, threatened to rape her after she threw her phone into the bushes in the middle of the heist.

The incident took place at the Allandale off-ramp, near Midrand, in Joburg, where Lamayne and her team were travelling in a Hyundai H1. Lamayne last week took to social media to detail the traumatic sequence of events that led to her fleeing wildly into night.

“My team and I have just been hijacked. H1 JG 75 TF GP Hyundai 2019. Please keep a look out. That’s why I have my phone. I just got out and I ran with my phone. I know it wasn’t the safest thing to do,” she said.

According to Lamayne, one of the hijackers had then threatened to rape her because of her resistance.

“Worst part is besides the fact that you’re doing this, you’re still audacious enough to even think of raping somebody.

I feel sick. I ran for my life cause honestly, I told him to kill me before trying to violate me. Rather take the car. You won’t take my dignity though. And guess what? I know for a fact a higher power protected us tonight,” she tweeted.
Gauteng police spokesperson captain Mavela Masondo told South Africa’s TshisaLIVE that a case of hijacking had been opened.

“It is alleged that two victims were blocked by a white Audi with three occupants. The armed suspects ordered them to get out of their Hyundai H1 and they drove away with it. Police have opened a case of hijacking and are still looking for the suspects,” read part of his statement.

The vehicle was later recovered, with Lamayne escaping with a few minor injuries.

“As much as we found the car, I hurt my ankle. Never thought it could be me. Be safe, pray before you go to work. It’s real,” she wrote.

Despite having been based in South Africa for most of her career, Lamayne has spoken passionately about her ties to Zimbabwe, where her roots lie.

“I am Zimbabwean by origin. I just feel I should represent Zimbabweans the hardest. South Africa is where I was born but Zimbabwe was responsible for moulding my musical perceptions,” she told a local blog back in 2014.

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