Meet gospel singer, Felistas Mollentze

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Meet gospel singer, Felistas Mollentze Felistas Mollentze

The Sunday News

Samantha Munyurwa , Sunday Life Reporter
WITH a very well executed album that has ten powerful gospel tracks, Bulawayo based gospel artiste Felistas Mollentze is only happy that she got the chance to share and spread the love of God to all that get the chance to listen to her songs.

The gospel artiste has been on the rise since she released an album entitled Love song this year with the help of Velaphi Gumbo popularly known as VG and her son Christian Mollentze.

“God’s time is the always the best. With this album there was patience involved and with Covid-19 as well things just started moving slow but thank God, I have finally done my part in terms of sharing the love of God which I believe is what I was called for.”

The musician started singing at a very young age and discovered that she had talent when at school she would be asked to sing as well as at Church.

“I started singing at a very young age and got to understand that it was a calling as people would ask for me to sing for them be it at school or when I was in church. I would go on and write what I felt in my heart and sing to the people for fun. In 1999 I wrote the song ‘Show us the way’ which is on the album and it was my personal song where I was asking God to show me the way but I later only replaced ‘I’ with ‘us’ so that more people could relate with the song.”

Mollentze said that the song was like a prayer to God and it was answered when God blessed her with a loving, passionate and God-fearing man Jonathan Mollentze who is a Bishop at Divine Love Ministries where she is also a pastor and both are founders of the church which has branches in Harare, South Africa and Bulawayo.

Her desire is that the songs have a positive impact on people’s lives and be able to change the lives of people through easing the burdens that people maybe having as well as relieving stress through hope and encouragement.

“Runneth over is a song about a girl who is crazy about her dad, it’s a confession and it shows the power of the tongue and is based on Psalms 93. Since I grew up without the love of my father or without a father at all, the song was about me communicating to my heavenly father.”

The musician was born in Harare and later on moved to Bulawayo at the age of five and did her schooling in Bulawayo then later on attended NUST where she did her Marketing Degree though she is now a full-time pastor.

The musician has worked with VG and Christian Mollentzi her son in the production of the album as well as K.O.D in mastering of the album.

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