Munch & Sip Festival to showcase African cuisine

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Munch & Sip Festival to showcase African cuisine File picture: Munch and Sip

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Sandisiwe Gumbo, Sunday Life Reporter 

THE first edition of the Munch and Sip Food and Drink Festival in 2024 is set to a showcase of African cuisine and culture, with organisers promising an extravaganza that pays homage to celebrated dishes from around the continent. 

Munch and Sip is set to be held at the  Zimbabwe International Trade Fair grounds in Bulawayo on 28 April. The festival is running under the theme “Taste of Africa.”

In a statement, the event organisers highlighted that the festival aims to showcase the vast culinary potential of Africa’s unique ingredients and celebrate the rich traditions that define its cuisine. 

“Building on last year’s success with over 4 000 attendees, Munch and Sip 2024 promises an even bigger and better experience for food, culture and community enthusiasts,” read the statement.

Munch and Sip has proudly announced it’s partnership with Castle Lite as the official beverage sponsor. 

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“Together, they will curate exciting beer pairing experiences and craft cocktails that highlight the diversity of African-inspired drinks. This collaboration aims to stimulate economic growth within Bulawayo and solidify the festival as a driving force in the region.”

Beyond celebrating food, Munch and Sip is committed to fostering cultural exchange. 

This year’s festival boasts a diverse line-up of international and local artistes, including renowned musicians Jason le Roux, MoT from Micasa, Dolly Ya Mama, and Zimbabwe’s own Tino Chinyani.

Tino Chinyani

The festival goes beyond a one-day event, offering an immersive experience for attendees which includes camping, a travel partnership with Better Drive Zimbabwe has enabled us to establish a camping site in Hillside for both local and visiting festival-goers.

It will also have international guests, special invitations have been extended to international business expo attendees.

Munch and Sip extends an invitation to everyone to join the unforgettable food festival celebrating the rich tapestry of African flavours, culture and community. 

“Expect tantalising dishes, captivating performances and a spirit of unity that will leave a lasting impression.”




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