Nobuntu to spend Christmas in Europe

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Nobuntu to spend Christmas in Europe Nobuntu

The Sunday News

Bruce Ndlovu
AFTER successfully launching their third album last month in the City of Kings, globe-trotting all-female ensemble Nobuntu will spend the festive season in Europe where they have embarked on a Christmas Tour.

The group broke their spell of non-stop touring last month when they came back home to launch Obabes Bembube, an album that many have lauded for thought provoking content as they continue to break ground in a genre that had been the preserve of men before their entrance on the scene.

The album was produced by Dumisani Ramadu Moyo, one of the founding members of the internationally acclaimed male mbube trio, Insingizi. Dumisani’s vision for the album encompassed Nobuntu creating their own signature mbube songs from a female perspective.

Before that launch on 24 November, the group had been on a tour of the United States which spanned several states in the North American country. This week, the group revealed that they would not spend the festive season within Zimbabwe’s borders as they had embarked on a tour that would see them occupied over the Christmas period.

The group began their tour at the HNKKJ Waldkirchen in Poland where they performed at the Afro American Gospel Concert alongside Chanda Rule on Tuesday night.    Since its formation, Nobuntu has become one of Bulawayo’s most sought after acts overseas, representing the city with aplomb on some of the most prestigious stages around the globe.

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