Nyamutsamba donates admin office building to BMRFB

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Nyamutsamba donates admin office building to BMRFB BMRFB chairperson Thembelani Ncube, Gilbert Nyamutsamba and ZRU board member Dumisani Ncube

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Brandon Moyo, Sports Reporter

ON Friday afternoon, the heavens opened up and smiled to a good deed as Bulawayo rugby patron and former Zimbabwe Sevens head coach, Gilbert “Gidza” Nyamutsamba handed over his donation of a newly built state of the art administration office to the Bulawayo Metropolitan Rugby Football Board (BMFB).

Stationed at the city’s ceremonial home of rugby, Hartsfield Rugby Grounds, there was a slight drizzle from above – a symbol of approval – as the ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted.

Not only did Nyamutsamba (through Unforgettable, which is a partner of BMRFB) donate the administration building but also irrigation equipment that will help revive the fields and keep them up to standard.  

It was yet another move from Nyamutsamba and Unforgettable, which plays a crucial role in the development of the game in the city. 

They created an “unforgettable” piece of history at the iconic rugby stadium.

Speaking during the historical event, BMRFB chairperson, Thembelani Ncube said they were grateful for the facility that will play a crucial role in the development of rugby in Bulawayo, once again taking it to the top, where it belongs.

“We are grateful for this try-saving facility that is going to help us take advantage of more numbers in the attacking line. This is the beginning of a new chapter that will benefit rugby development in our province and once again, become the epicentre of rugby in Zimbabwe.

“This is one of the steps of bringing back former glory to our lovely Hartsfield/Bulawayo Home of Rugby and seeing it host international games. Through our partnership with Unforgettable, we have also received a watering equipment that came in just at the right time during this dry season, for us to nurture and maintain the turf,” said Ncube.

Also in expressing their gratitude, BMRFB vice-chairperson, Carrington Busili said the new building is where new ideas of excellence will emerge. 

He said it is a symbol of dedication to the growth and development of the sport.

“This marks our dedication to excellence in the rugby community. So, this is where ideas will grow, ideas of excellence are going to come from here. This building stands as a testament of our dedication to excellence as I have alluded to,” said Busili.

The guest of honour, Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) board member Dumisani Ncube, who said the donation of the administration building is something that will stay in their memories for a long time. 

“It is an honour that I was given the chance to talk about the administration block. There are things which we can forget in life and there are things, which we cannot forget. If somebody does something good to you, you tend not to forget and if somebody does something bad to you, you also tend not to forget.


“There is something unforgettable done by the team at Unforgettable and that is the rugby administration block. And, for that I would like to appeal to the people here that let us appreciate and be grateful for the unforgettable event donated by Unforgettable,” said Ncube.

He added that he hopes the helping hand will also be extended to other provinces as well.

Among those present to witness the historic ceremony was also Zimbabwe legend, Victor Olonga, who was impressed with the work done by Nyamutsamba. 

He said it is a sign that black people can also get things done and urged others to support such initiatives.

“He (Nyamutsamba) has taken the lead where others have left and chose to criticise. I think it is important that we acknowledge that things can be done by us people of colour, black people and they can be done properly. It looks like a small thing but that’s how everything starts, when we start counting we start from one, he is one guy here. All I’m saying is; everybody who is here, we can continue to try and support such initiatives and try and assist in any way possible, thank you Gidza,” said Olonga.

Kudzai Zisengwe, who is the chairperson of Harare Province Rugby Board, applauded Unforgettable for their good work in building the administration building. He said it’s a sign of dedication to the growth of the sport in the country.

In his words, Nyamutsamba wrote: “Rugby is where we learn and practice the spirit of Ubuntu, lifting each other up as we move towards team and individual goals.” 

The ceremony comes during a period where there has been a lot of activity in the city, following the successful hosting of the 2024 Unforgettable Milton Schools Rugby Festival last week, which attracted a number of schools from all over the country. -@brandon_malvin



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