The reign of the Venda princess, Mudau

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The reign of the Venda princess, Mudau Charmaine “Venda princess” Mudau

The Sunday News

Langalakhe Mabena

WHEN she received two nominations at this year’s National Arts Merit Awards (Nama), that on its own became a consecration to Bulawayo’s renowned actress Charmaine “Venda princess” Mudau.

She was nominated for Outstanding Actress in Film and Television and for Outstanding Actress in Theatre, a category which afforded her the first individual Nama accolade under her name.

Mudau’s career spanning over ten years traced back from her school days at Bulawayo Adventist High and her stint with Nhimbe Trust, polished the rough diamond to the spackling stage “Queen” she is today.

To be crowned the Outstanding Actress in Theatre across the Zimbabwean plateau courtesy of her role she played on a theatre production by Nobert Makoche titled Imbokodo as Tutu, is a dream come true as revealed by Mudau.

“To be nominated two times at the Namas was a blessing to me, and God afforded me a bonus by winning the Outstanding Actress in Theatre, this proved that patience pays as I worked hard for over ten years to be crowned the Queen of Zimbabwean stage,” said Mudau.

Without team effort and assistance from the members of the cast Ronald Sigeca who played Dumo, Chelesile Mpofu who played Beauty, Agnes Ncube who played Samu and Cardrick Msongelwa, Mudau said her dream would not have been realised.

Chemistry made it possible for the play to be perfect and get three nominations, for Best Play and Best Theatre Actor (Ronald Madodana Sigeca) and that of Madau’s nomination, as all the cast member have a history of more than five years featuring on numerous Nhimbe Trust plays together.

“It could have been impossible for me to win this award because the people who were involved in the project (Imbokodo) were the ones who pushed me to the limit, and because we have many years acting together, chemistry made it easy for the storyline to flow,” said Mudau.

As she played Tutu “a sexy model” who used her beauty and sexiness to make it in life, Mudau revealed that she doesn’t connect with the character in real life.

“I honestly do not connect with the character on a personal level because I have never really faced her experiences in my life, she just borrowed my body and I just brought her character into life. However, I can identify with her obstacles and experiences as women and drug abuse exists in society,” she said. 

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