The silent and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom

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The silent and relaxing atmosphere  in your bedroom

The Sunday News

Amanda Ncube

WHEN your day is gloomy, the silent and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom should always soothe you . . . it should be a place where you are able to go and recoup. 

Most homeowners said the bedroom is like a relaxing retreat and they love the fact that they can decorate it the way they want.

Here are some easy, inexpensive tips that some homeowners use to turn their homes into a relaxing retreat that will make you happy. 

Ms Nokuthaba Ndlovu, one of the homeowners said woolly rugs are one of the things that make her bedroom look beautiful.

“You do not need slippers or morning shoes when there is an extra-soft carpet underfoot. Also make your bed more cosy in texture by keeping an extra throw placed on any type of basket,” she said.

She also said the coloured rugs bring some sort of freshness into a space (for example a green carpet.)

Mrs Yvonne Sikhosana, a homeowner said the way a bed looks is important to her because it sets the mood.

“The way the bedding looks is essential to me because it determines how other items looks and where they should be placed. These days I am more into stripped bedding, fresh linens, throw pillows and a blanket upgrade in the room.

She said: “I love trying out new things and imagine painting timbers on the floor green or blue paired with white walls! Exquisite.”  

Ms Viola Ncube said she is a huge fan of flowers hence flower pots are crucial to her,

“Cement plant stands are perfect, some may be painted and some may not and the look is just beautiful. Add some more green to your space that are easy to grow such as pothos and aloe. They bring freshness and welcoming atmosphere in your bedroom,” she said.

Ms Ncube added that instead of a typical night stand next to a bed, place a dresser.

“The unique look will also help with storage space . . . use the top drawers for necessities and bottom ones for extra clothing storage. Drawer dividers will help you stay organised.”

Thabiso Sibanda said: “a clutter free set-up is important to me. Give the items on your bedside table a trim down to the essential, like a lamp ring dish, basket for bedtime reading and a sentimental piece, whether it is a favourite snapshot or passed down ornament.”

“Mirrors always bring some kind of light into dark corners, mirrors are a perfect way of bouncing more light around a windowless bedroom,” she said.

Ms Sibanda also said there is no better way to get natural light that waking up next to a window. 

“If you have got big windows take full advantage by positioning your bed directly underneath,” she said.

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