WATCH: Amakhosi in SA praise abakwaMzilikazi

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WATCH: Amakhosi in SA praise abakwaMzilikazi

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Vusumuzi Dube, Online News Editor

ABAKWAMZILIKAZI recently hosted a successful glamorous end of the year get-together with traditional leaders from across Kwazulu Natal and KwaNdebele in Mpumalanga South Africa.

The event was held in Johannesburg to mark the end of the year celebrations and cordial relationship existing between SA and Zimbabwe.

AbakwaMzilikazi is a cultural group that promotes cultural relations between South Africans and Zimbabweans in South Africa who are led by Chief Thulani Mgoqo Jubane who recognises King Mzilikazi as a doyen of Unity.


Their mandate also borders around uniting Zimbabweans who reside in SA to live in harmony with South African citizens.

“We come here today in unity as Africans despite that we are divided by the borders that were created and imposed on us by the Colonial Settlers after their Berlin Conference of 1884/5 which was initiated by imperialist Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor of Germany,” said Chief Jubane who encouraged Zimbabweans to emulate the founding King of Matabele Kingdom, King Mzilikazi whom he dubbed as a “Unifier.”

“We appreciate warm welcome we are getting from Amakhosi akwaZulu and awakwaNdebele who are always welcoming and encouraging Africans to unite if the continent and its people seeks growth and development. The approach by amakhosi is very strategic in doing away with the borders imposed on Africans by the settlers. By embracing people across the SA borders amakhosi are simple saying let us do away with borders and build one Africa. I am glad that a lot of Zimbabweans who are residents here in South Africa are coming through and are very eager to work together with amakhosi in promoting and advance our relations as Africans. I am urging all Zimbabweans out there not to shy away or feel left out. We stand with every Zimbabwean and represent everyone despite race, tribe or gender,” added Chief Jubane applauding both SA and Zimbabwean government for always advocating for improved relations between countries.

A humanitarian par-excellency, Chief Jubane is hailed by Zimbabweans as a hands-on man and action man.

INkosi uMgibe we Ngonyama yakwaNdebele King Makhosonke 2 congratulated AbakwaMzilikazi for coming forward and working for a better united Africa with fellow Africans.

INduna uNdwandwe from KwaZulu urged AbakwaMzilikazi to desist from politicizing traditional and cultural activities

“In tradition and culture we are one, only political ideas separate us. As such, this event and its purpose will go a long way only if you don’t tolerate politics in it. Stick to culture and tradition as it will keep united,” he said.

Inkosi uMahlangu from KwaNdebele applauded the leadership of Chief Jubane as “very important” and visionary.


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