Young photographer in elite contest

17 Feb, 2019 - 00:02 0 Views
Young photographer in elite contest Jeremy Kapfuwa

The Sunday News

Keratiloe Makhurane, Sunday Life Reporter
IF one is able to identify their capabilities early, it may not be hard for them to reach greatness. This statement is certainly true for one young man, Jeremy Kupfuwa (Remy Shoots), who is now a finalist in the 2019 Youth Competition at the World Photography Organisation.

The reason Kupfuwa says he is more of an artiste is that he aims to create aesthetically pleasing images.

While one of Kupfuwa’s sisters is a baker, another is an entrepreneur and his brothers dabble in poetry, music production and graphic design, one could say that Kupfuwa is the by-product of the creative energy around him.

His passion for art was ignited in 2017 and through his determination he has been steadily making himself a name in the industry.

“I used to be involved in graphics design and photo manipulation with my friend. I fell in love with the camera from the moment I first used one. The reason why I picked up the camera was because I wanted to see how far my creativity could go in another discipline,” said Jeremy.

He further explained what inspired him to venture into photography:

“I feel as if I exist on this earth so that I can create aesthetically pleasing content not only as a photographer but as a producer, a graphic designer, film maker and content creator in general.”

The World Photography Organisation’s competition is an online platform that seeks to break down boundaries of ethnicity and geographical to spot talent. He entered the competition after the encouragement of exchange students he befriended.

“Honestly, I feel validated and I am not chasing a hopeless dream like everyone has been telling me. I feel as if I can be an inspiration to people in my age group who are having their dreams deemed hopeless by society.

“To the youths, I say create an opportunity for yourself. When I decided I needed to buy a camera I walked into a camera shop and asked them if I could see their cheapest camera. It was about U$180. I struggled so hard to get that money, now I get to look at my journey and I am grateful.”

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