ZAOGA celebrates 55th anniversary

10 May, 2015 - 00:05 0 Views
ZAOGA celebrates 55th anniversary

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Lance Chigodo
THE Zimbabwe Assembly Of God Africa (ZAOGA) is celebrating 55 years of ministry today at Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo where church founder Apostle Dr Ezekiel Guti will also be celebrating his 92nd birthday.

ZAOGA, well known internationally as the Forward in Faith Ministries International (FIFMI), was founded by Guti in 1960 in Zimbabwe. By 2014 the church had been established in 122 nations with over 2 000 churches in Southern Africa. Dr Guti has ministered for over 60 years of his life.

Dr Guti in his personal capacity and the church have done a number of community works in Africa such as the Mbuya Dorcas Health Centre in Zimbabwe funded by members of the FIFMI worldwide which has a wing that provides spiritual healing and deliverance to the patients.

He also founded seven bible colleges known as the Multination For Christ Colleges, three in Zimbabwe, two in Mozambique, one in Zambia and one in Ghana and the Forward in Faith Orphanage Centre.

In 2010 more than 50 000 people joined ZAOGA and the FIFMI in celebrating its golden jubilee at the National Sports Stadium in Harare. The event where Dr Guti addressed the large crowd was broadcast live on Ezekiel TV, a Christian television network broadcasting from South Africa.

This year’s celebrations will be held in conjunction with the birthday celebrations of the founder Dr Guti under the theme — A year of inheritance practice in the kingdom of God.

In an interview with Sunday Leisure Elder Cliff Madamba said the celebrations actually started on Friday where special services were held at different church venues in Bulawayo. He also said these celebrations were done through ministering the word to the people.

“As part of our celebrations our leader and founder Dr Ezekiel Guti is going to be ministering the word of God to the people. We believe that wherever he is there is deliverance and healing that takes place and all are invited to witness the power of God,” he said.

He said all were invited to the miraculous anniversary celebration where the blind would see, the lame would walk, the sick would be healed in Bulawayo and all over the country as Dr Guti would be ministering the word to the multitudes.

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