Zimsec Continuous Assessment Learning Areas

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Zimsec Continuous Assessment Learning Areas

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CALA sample for Business Studies, Form 6

Sub topic: Business Plan. CALA Title: Creating a viable Business Plan

Competence/skills required: Research, enterprising, communication, analytical, problem-solving, critical thinking, financial literacy.

Dimension of areas to be assessed: Evidence of research, assess the validity of questions, assess the development of communication skills, assess model/illustration submitted, assess notes — rate submission or non-submission.

Objectives to be achieved: Sound communication skills on explanations, crafting of questions, creativity and innovation on model and illustration, planning and organising of facts, financial literacy, self-management.

Background of task
There has been a sharp rise in the number of unemployed people in the country over the last two decades. The problem of unemployment is high both among people who are educated and those less educated.

The Government, therefore, encourages entrepreneurship as the way to a prosperous future.

The CALA has two parts, Part A and B. You need to complete both parts.

Part A: Carry out market research identifying local needs from your community that can be commercialised. Research on how the market needs can be satisfied. To do your research include: observations, interviews and use ICT tools in recording the interviews.

An interview.

Part B: Prepare a financial plan. Prepare a business plan that can address the needs identified. Write notes or explain orally how the plan was prepared.

How you will be assessed: To assess your presentation, your facilitator will consider your research materials, explanations about your business plan and originality. Achievement standards specific to this CALA will be provided so that you are aware of the assessment criteria.

CALA Tips: As you carry out your research, remember to write notes, use ICT tools or take pictures. You can use different materials like pictures, charts. You can read your notes.

CALA Description: To develop a good business plan:

Prepare questions that you are going to use in your research (5)

Carry out interviews and make observations in the local community (10)

Record information and make notes on the responses given and observations made (5)

Prepare a business plan using the information obtained as guidelines (15)

Prepare a financial plan for the business (5)

How you will be assessed: The CALA will be assessed out of 40. The facilitator will assess: your questions, notes from interviews, model/illustration, your write up or oral explanation, marks will be given for your answers.


In your research questions consider: Market relevance of the business plan, uses ICT tools, you can use different materials like pictures, charts and colours, scores for interviews shall come from your interview notes.

Source: howtolearnanythingonline.blogspot.com/ School: Eaglenest Academy/2021

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