After deliverance, she finished a teaching course

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After deliverance, she finished a teaching course

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Franklin Chikwanda
AFTER spending a traumatic two weeks in a mental health facility, not only did Tendai make a full recovery but also went off to study and graduate. Here is Tendai’s story.

One sunny day as Tendai was busy with her banking in the city centre in the company of some friends she felt a heat rush sensation from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. It was so intense that she mentioned it to her friends as she couldn’t explain what was happening to her.

The next thing she started to feel cold and one of her friends noticed that what was happening to her was beyond the ordinary.

She went back home and within a short space of three days she was unrecognisable to those that  knew her for she had lost a considerable amount of weight, had gone pale and her hands had started to turn pale due to lack of blood in her system. Her lips had become very dry and she was so weak to the extent of not having enough strength to carry her own handbag.

One of her friends visited her and was shocked at the state that she was in and took her to hospital to seek medical assistance where she was given some intravenous fluids as she was very dehydrated. After leaving the hospital she went to visit the man of God Apostle L Bwanya (the reason we call her man of God is because the anointing of God has no gender).

The Apostle upon seeing her was guided by the Holy Spirit to pray and command the spirit of death to come out of her.

The prayer from Apostle Bwanya provoked the evil spirit to manifest. While the spirit was manifesting Tendai suddenly had so much strength and power to sit on sofas and coaches around and yet prior to the manifestation she was weak as a baby. a clear sign that another force had taken over her body.

After the prayer she was fine for a while then it so happened that while she was telling a relative about the previous ordeal, unknown to her, she started repeating herself over and over without stopping, that’s when the relative realised that something was amiss.  Apostle Bwanya was called to the scene, upon arrival Tendai was walking on the sofas, cabinets and tables and refusing to walk on the floor, spending most of her time on top of tables.

After praying for her the Apostle advised that she be taken to hospital. Sitting down and thinking back she says she is embarrassed to go back to the hospital as she was physically violent towards all the medical staff and because of that she had to be restrained.

The doctors recommended that she be committed to a mental health facility for observation. While she was at the mental health facility she was fine and the medical staff didn’t even understand why she had been brought there.

However, each time she left the facility to go and consult with other specialists or to have blood tests done the whole mental condition would erupt as if to say that whatever evil spirits that were disturbing her didn’t want her to leave the mental health facility. Almost on a daily basis Apostle Bwanya would visit her and pray for the grace of healing to manifest upon her life.

After two weeks she was discharged as doctors couldn’t find anything medically wrong with her, a clear sign that whatever was happening to her was a spiritual attack.

After being discharged relatives took her in to assist with her recovery. It is at this time that she  had another attack and lost all reason and understanding. She couldn’t remember simple lifestyle basics such as cooking, eating, and bathing. She had to be assisted with everything daily. She had to be assisted with bathing, eating, dressing including all day-to-day basic skills. All she could do was sit and stare into space. It was so extreme that even the relationship with her husband and son was affected.

She also had difficulty chewing and swallowing her meals and because of this she lost a lot of weight. Through it all Apostle Bwanya prayed for her over the phone almost on a daily basis and because of these prayers she started getting better until she was fully recovered. With her health improved she started going back to church and the first time she went back to church she felt a weight being lifted off her shoulders.

The Apostle prayed for her and the evil spirit that had been tormenting her manifested and was cast out by the Holy Spirit operating through Apostle Bwanya and she was delivered in Jesus’ mighty name.

Being very ambitious she had studied a lot of courses from public relations, cutting and designing,  marketing to mention but a few. She had a history of always starting courses but never finishing them, a clear sign of a spirit of  limitation and no progress operating in her life.

However, after she was delivered not only did she go back to school and study Early Childhood Development training, she completed the course and graduated. A clear sign that after her deliverance not only was she healed but also delivered from the spirit of limitation.

Today Tendai is a career woman doing very well and enjoying her career. Her relationship with her husband, son and the rest of the family has been restored. She has peace of mind and looking forward to studying more and growing her expertise in her profession. Her advice to the world or people who are in the same situation is to always remain in the Lord as she did for her deliverance, healing and restoration is clear sign that there is no situation too big for the Lord Almighty.

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