A/O level graduates-Think graduateness and employability

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A/O level graduates-Think  graduateness and employability

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Herbert T Mbindi
Get wired for success
Make career decisions that contribute to your graduateness and employability. Graduateness is linked to your ability to find and maintain employment continuously. It also involves your ability to learn new skills required for specific fields -not to a jack of all trades!

To become wired for success you must link your interests to the qualification you wish to pursue. Interests are important to our career choices. Choosing a career and qualification linked to your interests can encourage you to be eager to learn more.

It may also contribute to your motivation. For example, if you are interested in working with people, how would you want to work with people? If you want to help people, will it be from a social work or legal perspective? If you want to work with money, how would you want to work with money? Would you be interested in investing money for others, detecting fraud or helping others to manage taxes?

Using this approach has lots of advantages. Chief among them is that even when you experience challenges related to your career (or work) and studies, you will find ways to manage the challenges since you have an interest in what you are doing and learning.

From here where do I go now?

Admittedly you tried your level best to attain your desired result. For some the result came as desired but for others it was the opposite. Whatever your result is move-on. Think and look ahead. Imagine tomorrow. To do so see further than your current result.

Think and consult more on your desired field of study. Think of a study field or career that suits your personality, interests, goals and what you are good at. Make sure you aim to do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do. It is important to have a good understanding of yourself. Know how you make decisions, know your values and career influences.

Be honest about where and who influences your career choices. To do so well, think of other people or events or things that influence your decision making. As people we get socially influenced by our parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, cultural values and the media.

We are also affected by environmental influences such as where you live, you work, employment and socio-economic status. Knowledge of ourselves helps us to make effective career decisions.

There are many times where we know things about ourselves, but we don’t know how this relates to what we want to be. If you are in this situation don’t despair instead pay us a visit and you will never be in that dilemma again. In some cases, the result you planned and expected isn’t what you get then consider alternative pathways. What are alternative pathways in education and training?

It is extremely unlikely that you will be the only person applying for the programme of your choice. The reality is many are hence the competition is likely to be stiff as there number of people interested in your chosen qualification but have higher grades than could be high. Bear in mind that you will stand as good a chance as anyone else.

But remember if you don’t a place at your preferred varsity its not the end of the world. Asked about how he became who he is today Bill Gates remarked, “We were young, but we had good advice and good ideas and lots of enthusiasm”

The traditional means of entry to tertiary education involves completing secondary school and obtaining a post-secondary qualification at a university or other higher learning institutions. Alternative pathways mean say on completion of your A/O level you go to a college to pursue a professional diploma like diploma in logistics and supply, finance and business, purchasing, tourism and hospitality etc.

Such qualifications are recognised by local and international universities as entry requirements for admission onto undergraduate as well as postgraduate programmes.

No matter your result be the best you want to be.

Remember life has highs and lows as such your current underperformance might negatively affect you, harming both your self-esteem and emotional well-being. In the end you may cry all-night especially if you received disappointing results that cause you sleepless nights thereafter. Our advice is there is no need to reminisce over this loss in your academic journey.

Instead, refuse to let the set back place a permanent dent on your will and desire to make something meaningful out of life. Take charge of your destiny and confidently say to everyone who is disappointed with your results and may either stopped believing in you or are about to that you are a conqueror hence you take charge of your destiny hence will rise above the challenges and be the best you want to be.

After all our God is a God of possibilities!

This article is prepared and presented in the interest of providing free career guidance and counselling to all people who value education and training as a critical cornerstone to success in life. Trust Academy invites all people, with or without O levels as well as degree holders who have a dilemma or are unsure of what career path to pursue to visit their offices on 3rd Floor, Haddon and Sly building, corner Fife street and 8th avenue for FREE career guidance.

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