Bullying, substance abuse rife at Gwanda High – Headmaster

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Bullying, substance abuse rife at Gwanda High – Headmaster Gwanda high school headmaster Arthur Maposa

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PARENTS with pupils at Gwanda High School were last Saturday shocked after the headmaster, Mr Arthur Maphosa, revealed that bullying and substance abuse were rife at the school.

Mr Maphosa, who was speaking during a parents’ meeting, did not mince his words as he further revealed that pupils also have a habit of sneaking harmful weapons at the school. Parents in attendance were shown some of the confiscated weapons that were seized from students.

“Students have a tendency of sneaking in harmful substances and unauthorised objects into the school, some of which you are seeing here. Students have turned this school into a nightmare such that we now search our pupils when they enter. We have, among many things, confiscated alcohol, cigarettes, matches and okapi-knives,” said Mr Maphosa.

okapi knife

Deputy Head, Bonisiwe Mlilo, highlighted the surge in bullying that teachers at the school were witnessing.

We cannot disclose names but there are bullies on our school premises, who terrorise other students, especially during break and lunch-time. They instil fear in minors before getting away with their food stuff. This situation has forced other students to dodge studies fearing bullying,” said Mlilo.

A parent with a child at the school, who identified herself as MaNgwenya, told the meeting that children’s behaviour at school was a reflection of what they see at their homes.

“As parents, we agree that most of the blame goes to us. Look at how many households are selling cheap hot stuff liquor. The same parents are not even ashamed at times to sell that liquor to pupils in uniforms. We are neglecting our children and not confronting them at homes, even when they show bullying behaviour,” she pointed out.


During the meeting, parents came up with a resolution that students who violate others and those who sneak in with banned substances should be expelled.

Ward 6 Councillor, Ponalo Maphala, seconded the initiative mooted by the parents.

“I am happy that parents have opened up and came up with a tough solution to this menace. I understand teachers are here to work not to chase naughtiness exhibited by our children. Charity begins at home.

As parents, the future of our children lies in our hands hence we should bear that in mind as we see this school is developing. We should be proud of it,” said Cllr Maphala. (source: New Ziana)

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