Casualised sex, the death of a nation

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Casualised sex, the death of a nation Cephas Marima

The Sunday News

Valencia Ndhlovu, Sunday Life Reporter
WRITERS are usually motivated to come up with their artistic work either by their own life experiences, stories of other people or even the way they see the world around them.

Cephas Marima is one writer who has carved a niche for himself in the non-fiction genre and his new release titled SEXY is far from a book that one would see on a shop shelf and think it’s just one of those that talks of cuddling and steamy moments that make up the stuff of Mills and Boon.

The book is mostly inspired by the need to correct the global society as a whole. It talks about sex and how it has been casualised, commercialised and in the process lost its sacredness and its meaning especially in the contemporary African society where drugs, sex and nudity have become celebrated. The book is all about restoring the personhood of people. It is instructive of the high moral pedestal that humanity should stand, different from the animal world.

“The book talks to one and to all, offering some breakthrough advice. Not so long ago mentioning the word sex as a child was as dishonourable as watching pornography today. But nowadays everything is viewed through the lenses of sex. What is right is condemned and what is wrong applauded. This book is for lovers of love, respect and values and it attempts to water the roots of personhood,” said Marima.

Marima is a transformational thought leader and is no stranger to writing having published, “The Magic of Success” and “Being United with the Real You”. He is a holder of a Master of Commerce Degree in Strategic Management degree and a business manager, among others.

“Society in general motivated me to write the book, especially looking at the disintegration that is happening. The idea to write this book stayed within me for two years and I’ve been contemplating on writing it looking at how sex is viewed as a sensitive topic in society, however, I have reached a point where I want to share my thoughts and my voice to the subject. I wish to share with society and try to make sure people re-collect their minds in the context sex.”

The message behind the book is that sex is very sacred. In as much as it has a lot of health benefits according to science, the notion that it must be done anyhow is taboo. The message is that there is a better way to have sex.

He says according to God the process and act of sex is preserved for married people but you find that society promotes the notion that sex is for the mature and can be done anyhow and people can just do as they please.

To the youths who patronise Vuzu parties, Marima says they should understand that there are consequences for everything and that the consequences of their actions will definitely catch up with them later in life.

Vuzu parties

“As a parent one should have questions when their child comes home with stuff that they did not buy; it should be an alarm as we all know that the world does not serve free lunch. At the centre of all that is a ‘sex agenda’. As man, we seem to be losing that moral fabric that makes us human. Being a man is not defined by how many women you’ve slept with, it is defined by how many women you have resisted.”

He however, appreciates diversity of opinions and says it is not criminal for readers not to agree with everything captured in this book.

“People don’t have to agree with everything that the book says but there is always one common denominator in terms of our societal values that make us humans and should not be violated. There is no denial that as humans we are a print out of sex and evidence that sex happened but it doesn’t mean it should be done anyhow.

People should remember that sex touches three different dimensions that is the spiritual element, the soul and the physical element which comes with the physical sensation which people get when they engage in the act. So, after knowing the dynamics people should know that it’s not just the sensation that we get from the act but there is the spiritual element that comes with the act.

“One cannot live on one-night stands every night of their lives and lie to themselves that they are having a best life, that is sanitisation of madness,” said Marima

He says he is alert to the sensitivity of the subject and how people including the youths have given themselves to immorality with reckless abandon, adding that he is not afraid of brickbats.

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