Chinese donate solar equipment to villages in Tsholotsho

09 Oct, 2019 - 13:10 0 Views
Chinese donate solar equipment to villages in Tsholotsho Villagers from Matole in ward 9 pose for a picture with Chinese and local engineers after installing the solar powered borehole

The Sunday News

Peter Matika, Senior Reporter

A HARARE based Chinese company last week donated solar powered borehole equipment worth ZW$300 000 to two villages in Tsholotsho district.

The company Ming Chang Sino Africa donated and installed the equipment in response to a request to help alleviate an ongoing water crisis faced in the district.

Ward 9 councilor Clr Esau Siwela said he had written a letter seeking assistance from the Ministry of Home Affairs, on the issue of installing solar powered boreholes.

“I wrote a letter to the ministry seeking assistance and the minister prioritized it. He then engaged the Chinsese Company, which also responded with haste,” said Clr Siwela.

Chinese Engineers installing solar panels before mounting Tank.for the borehole

The company donated and installed equipment at Matole and Nyamazana villages under Chief Tategulu in Ward 9.

“We are very happy in the manner in which our cry was heard and treated. As they say water is life and now we know that our people will never experience shortages of water. They can now also attend to their gardens with ease as well as live stock,” said Clr Siwela.

The general manager of the company Mr Li Xian Wei said the advantages of using solar powered boreholes were that they never ran dry, as they used natural energy to pump water.

“IT is powered by the sun and anyone can operate it. It has a one year guarantee and with the current situation where the country is experiencing rampant power outages they will not be affected.

‘The total cost of the project was ZW$300 000 including labour,” said Mr Xian.

It took a minimum of 4 hours to erect and install the equipment, where villagers assisted in the process.

Ming Chang Sino Africa director Mr Xi Ming Chang said his company was one of the first to invest in Zimbabwe and that as part of their company social responsibilities, giving back to the community was a priority.

“On behalf of the company I donate two sets of solar water well equipment to the community, including solar panels and their components, DC water pumps, control systems and water storage tanks, at the request of the community to invest in a deep well. All of this will rely on clean renewable energy to continue to provide water to the community with the current power shortages and to protect the basic domestic water needs of the community,” said Mr Chang.

He said since the company invested in the mining sector in Zimbabwe it had created more than 800 jobs and established three schools.

“It is time for people to realise Zimbabwe’s land has nurtured wealth, civilization and hardworking people. Let us the people of China continue working together to tap the happy spring of friendship between our two nations,” said Mr Chang.

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