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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Certain to lose Tsvangirai back to old tricks

07 May, 2017 - 00:05 0 Views
EDITORIAL COMMENT: Certain to lose Tsvangirai back to old tricks Morgan Tvangirai

The Sunday News

Morgan Tvangirai

Morgan Tvangirai

SOME things never change, and losers will always be losers, even before the contest. Sentiments by MDC T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai that he would not accept the outcome of next year’s general elections if he is not the winner are really not something new, but they remind the nation and the world at large of the kind of person the opposition leader is.

History tells us that Mr Tsvangirai has this penchant of crying foul all the time, yet he has failed since the turn of the new millennium to seize power from the ruling party.

The fact that he has failed to seize power from Zanu-PF is certainly not because of the wild claims that he and his party members and handlers are always alleging, but simply because he is ideologically bankrupt and Zimbabweans know for a fact that voting him to power will be reversing the gains of the country’s hard won independence.

Zimbabweans know that from the onset of the formation of the MDC, he was never a man of his ideas, but fronting for the interests of then white commercial farmers, his Western donors and handlers, who were and are still bent on grabbing power they lost when the country attained independence through the back door. In short, he is a puppet.

Mr Tsvangirai has lost to President Mugabe on many occasions. He has been losing because he is by no measure any way near President Mugabe in terms of statesmanship, clear vision and coming up with home grown solutions to propel this nation to the future.

The opposition leader also lacks grounding on Pan Africanism that has shaped many African leaders into sharp shooters who lead from the front and speak for and on behalf of African people and are not swayed by donor funding.

In his Workers’ Day speech in Harare last week, Tsvangirai said he would not accept an election result that does not confirm him as the winner.

“We won’t agree on an outcome that is not my victory. Like (US President Donald) Trump, if I don’t win I will not concede.

How does a fragmented minority win over a united majority now that we are all wiser than in 2013 because of the grinding poverty,” he was quoted as saying.

He went on to say that his party and partners under the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) banner would continue to demand the so called electoral before the elections, something not new from the man again.

The elections are penciled in for next year, but the opposition leader is already talking of not accepting the results, a clear indication that he knows he stands no chance of winning.

In fact, failing to accept results in any election is being undemocratic in its worst form, and its disrespecting the wishes of the masses.


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