‘I want to be a prostitute again!’

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‘I want to be a prostitute again!’

The Sunday News

Simba Jemwa, Sunday News Correspondent
A WOMAN who ditched her 9am-to-5pm job as a deli worker to become a prostitute has opened up about the hazards of having too much sex and too many sexual partners.

From North End in Bulawayo, Anele Ncube swapped her job for prostitution some five years ago, and now finds it difficult to get in the mood when it comes to non-professional sex.

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According to Ncube (25), she met a 40-year-old partner called Malvern on the job in 2019, with the pair hooking up almost every pay day until they decided to move in together.

Initially the understanding was that she would be able to continue with her sex work at least three times a week until Malvern committed to a more permanent arrangement which has resulted in the couple having a child.

But things have turned for the worse and the couple has had to seek outside assistance to inject a bit of spark back into their bedroom.

Ncube, who says she is contemplating returning to “work”, explained that there was a huge difference between paid sex and at-home sex.

“When I met my live-in-partner, I was a hooker.

I had quit my job with a local deli and began selling my body to the highest bidder in town.

While working a local club which has high class clients, I sort of became this one guy’s regular and we got close.

He then asked me to move in with him and stop prostitution, but I insisted that he must show his commitment to me first.

And to prove his commitment to me, he paid three months’ rentals for me for a full house and we became a couple.

A few months later I fell pregnant and we now have a three-year-old daughter together,” she revealed.

However, she began to lose interest in her “matrimonial” bed and this was made worse because of Malvern’s marital status.

He was only available on certain days as he is married, and this began to put a strain on their sex life.

First she started frequenting the clubs again which caused Malvern more than a few anxious moments.

And soon she began to have hook-ups with guys she met at clubs and parties she attended.

Though she was sleeping with them for free, she realised that she was compensating for the lack of a sexual spark in her relationship with Malvern.

But soon she became more brazen and decided to charge these men for sex, just as she did when she decided to quit her job to become a sex worker.

Malvern soon found out what was going on and after he spoke to her, they agreed to try some ways to save their union. – @RealSimbaJemwa

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