Medical teams at games

18 Aug, 2019 - 00:08 0 Views
Medical teams at games

The Sunday News

Zenzo Moyo

WELCOME to another edition of your favourite column where I tell it as it is, without fear or favour. 

I think there is a need to have medical teams with ambulances in the lower leagues whether it’s D1 or junior league. Why is it that the game cannot kick off without the police whereas the game plays without medical personnel?

Professionalism is not an event, it’s a process when we play the so called Caf games the medical teams surpass the number of players on the field.

Let’s do the same things in the domestic league. The ambulance must be there in all games, it benefits the players, the match officials, including the fans.

The organisation must require the games to be played in the presence of an ambulance crew, police security, as they also require team coaches to have badges.

We overlook these situations hence the standard of football is dropping, football talent suffers. What if an away team visits a Bulawayo team for a match and a player breaks a leg and there is no knowledge where to take the player for medical assessment. 

In conclusion, charity begins at home. We lose talent at lower leagues, when this talent should be a feeder to the premier league.

Till we meet next week. Stay blessed!   

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