Parents fret over Vuzu parties as schools close

04 Aug, 2022 - 08:08 0 Views
Parents fret over Vuzu parties as schools close Teenagers at a vuzu party

The Sunday News

Simba Jemwa, Online Reporter

PARENTS in Bulawayo are fretting over the possibility of children organising and attending Vuzu parties as schools close.

In a message circulating on social media, parents have been called on to take note of plans to have Vuzu parties across the city as schools close today (Thursday).

“Dearest Parents. Please note that it has come to our attention that learners from schools around Bulawayo are planning to have Vuzu parties tomorrow. Please do talk to your children and please check their satchels for civilian clothes as they leave home,” reads the warning.

Vuzu parties have gained notoriety over the years for the all the wrong reasons.

Youths of school going age have been known to drink, smoke, use drugs and engage in sexual escapades at these parties, which are normally held at secret venues, prompting the police and parents to seek their closure.


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