Royals in SDGs Movements on drive to climate change adaptation

07 Sep, 2020 - 13:09 0 Views
Royals in SDGs Movements on drive to climate change adaptation

The Sunday News

Mthabisi Tshuma, Business Correspondent

A local youth non-profit organisation, Royals in Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) Movements which is based in Bulawayo has reiterated the call by the global village to adapt to climate change.

Climate change has been experienced worldwide with Zimbabwe in particular also feeling the effects after witnessing fluctuating rainfall patterns of over the years. In a bid to keep abreast with the effects of climate change and the possible way forward in ensuring the new normal is appreciated, the Royals in SDGs Movements through its SDG 13 (Climate Action) chapter held a virtual communication platform last week.

The online discussion held on Friday night under the topic Climate Action-Moving towards environmental sustainability was graced by guest speakers; Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation administrative officer Miss Siphiwe Moyo, Mbira Tours and Safaris founder Mr Engelbert Karombo also a professional Safari Guide practicing environmental awareness activities and Zimbabwe Youth Council assistant director, Mr Sungano Chisina. Mr Chisina pointed out that climate change was being caused by a multiple of factors.

“Just to begin by refreshing the minds when we talk of climate we refer to the conditions like rainfall, temperature, wind and when their annual patterns change we start to talk of climate change. So for us we have seen the reduction in rainfall that we normally receive, a rise in temperatures and in some cases flooding and heavy storms.

“At the household level we have seen rise in poverty due to the droughts. At macro level we then see the rising sea level, melting of ice lands, torrential rainfall, storms, flooding, heatwaves and drought, reduced food supplies, rampant pests and diseases, changes in the start and length of the seasons and the whole ecosystem suffers (humans, trees, birds, animals),” he said.

Mr Chisina said in order to achieve a society where the change in the climate is slowly adapted in a way that benefits that the community, there is a need to embark on programmes which bring about productivity from food security to waste management.

Mr Karombo said use of natural energy sources such as solar would mitigate effects of climate change.

“It is best now to encourage the use of solar powered energy in the whole country. There is a need also to practice drop irrigation in order to ensure that food security is guaranteed and poverty brought about drought is eradicated,” he said.

Miss Moyo said youths need to be lead advocates and be able to make their opinions matter in regards to changing the conceptions by people on climate change.

“The fight can be at different angles among them; activism- as youth we can advocate and learn to influence public opinion concerning green attitudes as to bring about change; green innovations and green jobs- these will not only provide employment opportunities but it will also give us an opportunity to contribute directly to the fight against climate change as we adopt green behaviours in our workplaces and private lives,” she said.


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