Sebakwe: Kwekwe’s tourism gem

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Sebakwe: Kwekwe’s tourism gem

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Sebakwe 2
THE town of Kwekwe in the Midlands Province is famed for its richness in gold and here gold panning and mining dwarf almost everything. But on the outskirts of the town is a tourist resort, tranquil and serene.

Seldom visited but very, very private, Sebakwe Recreational Park on the outskirts of Kwekwe is a multi-faceted jewel, often overlooked by many holidaymakers, despite offering the opportunity to explore a beguiling diversity of fascinating tourist activities.

Rolling hills that form part of the Great Dyke Range enclose the tranquil beauty of Sebakwe Dam to the east, each hill or hillock on a different hue, tinged blue or green and juxtaposing with the dam waters.

On the watery fringes of the lake, shaggy waterbucks display their large lyre-shaped horns.

Sebakwe Dam

Sebakwe Dam

Elsewhere, impala jump around on their spindly legs, troupes of baboons stubbornly give way to oncoming vehicles with the male godfather always the last to leave the road.

As for the male baboon, he normally does not leave the road without shouting his traditional obscenity, “boo . . . hoom!” as if to say, why are you disturbing us.

On the rocky hillock where the lodges are built overlooking the dam, rock rabbits appear and disappear, the nimble-footed kliffspringer performs amazing jumping antics from one stone to another, the wide-eyed dik-dik dart into scrubby bush, all to the amusement of the visitor.

Then there is this call from the majestic fish eagle as it marshals the lake for its daily meal.

With tastefully decorated lodges, whose environment is quiet and tranquil, Sebakwe is the place for fishermen.

It is the place for boating. It is the place for those who love to rest and equally a place for people who love game viewing.

The two-bedroomed lodges located within the park have self-catering facilities, running water, gas stoves, gas-powered fridges, geysers and all cutlery supplied by the owners, National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

The spillway is equally attractive and one can easily have lunch on its sidelines, while enjoying the spray from the water plunge.

One of the most outstanding attractions of Sebakwe Recreational Park are the 12 lakeshore camp sites with piped water and clean ablution facilities for large groups. Here church and social gatherings can be held in tranquil comfortable and out of town environments.

Being just a spitting distance from Kwekwe town, along the Mvuma Road, Sebakwe is a holiday facility for those who love nature and want to take a break from the hullabaloo of home life.

Well-groomed lodge attendants are always at the disposal of the visitor and this is certainly a place to be with your family or friends.

This is a place where church or social gathering can be held at the campsites undisturbed.

Sebakwe is a home away from home and is one of the few remaining well-managed recreational parks, where holidaying is the order of the day.

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