Woman seeks USD$40k for sons’ bone marrow transplant

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Woman seeks USD$40k for sons’ bone marrow transplant

The Sunday News

Robin Muchetu Senior Reporter

MS Nobuhle Melody Moyo from Emakhandeni in Bulawayo is seeking US$40 000 to enable her 10-year-old son Sbusiso Jason Moyo to undergo an urgent bone marrow transplant in India.

The boys’ mother spoke to Sunday News and was at pains to explain her predicament.

“As he was growing, we noticed he was not growing properly like every other kids of his age and we got concerned, that was in 2016. Suddenly he started having fits several times, that is when blood tests were done and he was referred to a specialist in Harare at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

“We were told he had Fanconi Anemia and he needed bone marrow transplant. They prescribed an injection for him to keep him stable and he has been on that drug until now. But his condition is now critical and a bone marrow transplant is needed urgently,” she said.

Ms Moyo said over time the medication he was prescribed started giving him adverse side effects and she stopped administering it to him

Early this year, she said he started losing weight and stopped eating and playing with other children like before as he would complain of being dizzy and weak all the time.

“We took him to hospital and we were told he had a shortage of blood in his system and he had a blood transfusion. Soon after the transfusion he started vomiting blood, nose and gum bleeding and returned him to hospital and the doctors said his blood count was still low despite the transfusion.

“However, he was declared critical as his bone marrow needs a transplant as it was now in a severe condition, so we need to do the transplant as soon as possible. We require US$$ 40 000 for him to be taken to India and I am asking for assistance from people in Zimbabwe to assist my son so that his life gets back to normal. The operation is critical and needs to be done as soon as possible,” she pleaded.

Ms Moyo said consultations with the doctor in India highlighted that since Sbusiso was an only child with no one to donate a bone marrow to him, the family will need to pay an extra US$10 000 to get a matching donor.

“We were also informed that incase of any complications we would need to have an extra US$40 000 ready, but if there is none we can work with the US$40 000 only,” she said.

Ms Moyo, a single mother said Sbusiso attends Mtshingwe Primary school and hopes to return to school once he recovers.

Ms Moyo can be contacted on 0782 119 049

Banking details -ZB Bank Account Number 4307-521186-200 Bulawayo Branch.


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